Blue Bird

Blue Birds are one of the most beautiful birds of North America.

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This month we will focus on Alaska Wildlife. Alaska has some of the most gorgess Country in the world, that Country wouldn't be complete without the wildlife. One of the most famous pictures in the world. A Grizzly bear catching a fish, was taken in alaska. And we are sorry but we are moving soon to WIX the free webstie maker. Im sorry to have to say this but Wikia is just not are type, but this webstie will still active but itwont have anything new. Sorry about that.

Bird CamsEdit

Watch as the sixth chickadee egg hatches and mom eats the egg shell to recapture some of the calcium that she lost when producing the eggs. (This 7-minute video thumb|300px|rightclip may take a few moments to load). Therse were last years birds. It is June, and the last of Chickidies came out. This year we will have Live cams. Search Bird Cams for even more Bird Videos.

The Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) is a small, North American songbird, a passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. It is the state bird of both Maine and Massachusetts in the United States, and the provincial bird of New Brunswick in Canada. It is notable for its capacity to lower its body temperature during cold winter nights, its good spatial memory to relocate the caches where it stores food, and its boldness near humans (they can feed from the hand). Its French name is Mésange à tête noire.